My name is Cheyenne Hume and I am a voice for the state of Wyoming. I am a three-season athlete, my parents only daughter, and a loyal friend, but over the years I have gone from a typical high school student into a journalist. Last summer I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent the state of Wyoming in Washington DC at the Al Neuharth Free Spirit Journalism Conference. I was chosen through a rigorous application process because I represented a free spirit more than any other student journalist in Wyoming. The opportunity gave me a chance to introduce outsiders to the political, social, and everyday life of Wyoming that goes unreported in news. I took it upon myself to represent Wyoming to be an open-minded state that is more than guns, hunting, and horses; but is a state filled with like-minded people who are passionate about the outdoors, wildlife, and their freedom. I take great pride in being a voice for my beautiful state of Wyoming.


In the future, I hope to bring journalism back into Wyoming and outside of it. There is little coverage amongst the state and out of it. I hope to bring news to small communities over the state that goes overlooked by most. Small areas have numerous attributions to the national news. Following graduation, I plan to study photographic communications in Powell, Wy. I will use my photographic skills learned in an outstanding Wyoming college to share news through photojournalism on a national level.


Photographic journalism is a way for me to use my passion and talent as a tool to help inform people. I found my love for photography my freshman year of high school and it has absorbed my life ever since. My weekends are spent in the vast nature of Wyoming photographing the night sky, animals, and landscapes; every event I attend I am photographing it; I can never go out with my friends and family without my camera. I rarely get odd looks with camera strapped to my neck, my community expects me to go everywhere with my camera. I am approached by teachers, peers, and community members to document local events. Even without words, I am able to be a voice for my community through photography.


Without journalism, I would not be able to give back to my community in the unique I have been. A state as outstanding as Wyoming deserves to be represented by people who understand it the most. I am the voice of my school, town, and state through journalism. I am a typical teenager whose weekends are spent playing sports, works to make her family proud, and stays up late with friends,  but I am also a student journalists who takes pride in representing the state of Wyoming.


Please enjoy exploring my website


Best, Cheyenne Hume



My favorite part of journalism is photography. As cliche as it may sound, I love capturing a moment in time. A photo is a moment, event, or story that can never be recreated, but is held inside the pixels and ink which it is made of.

By no means is it easy, I will take dozens of photos of the same subject just to get the right shot, but oh is it so satisfying once you get it just right. 

I have never been an outstanding artist, singer, or dancer, so photography is my way of being an artist. Photojournalism allows me to express my artistic side while informing my community. 

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